Dane Prairie systems, LLC Win2PDF


The following PDF files were created with Win2PDF:

win2pdf-user-guide.pdfMS Word - Win2PDF user guide
1040a.pdfTax filing : convert files to PDF for archiving and easy storage
mailer.pdfPrint a PDF file to send electronically to your print shop
invoice.pdfEmail PDF invoices; get paid faster and save on shipping
license-agreement.pdfMake secure PDF files with Image Only mode to protect text in legal documents from being copied or modified
PDFblog.pdfArchive your favorite blog to PDF and read offline
marketing-plan.pdfWatermark PDF files with “confidential” on each page
sales-quote.pdfAdd PDF security to prevent copying or editing of important PDF files*
yearly-sales-report.pdfAdd PDF password to secure PDF files (password = sample)*
brochure.pdfMicrosoft Word to PDF : Save paper by printing to PDF for draft copies
PowerPoint-slides.pdfConvert PowerPoint to PDF for easy sharing
court-filing.pdfPDF/A government compliant document format for case management PDF filing
order-receipt.pdfSave online receipts to PDF
*Features available in our Win2PDF Pro product