Updating Win2PDF

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If you purchased a license of Win2PDF after September 2009 and have a 20-character alphanumeric license code, you can download and install the latest version of Win2PDF 7 for free at:




It is not necessary to uninstall Win2PDF before running the new setup program.  Win2PDF Pro users should use the "Win2PDF Pro Service Pack" download.


If you purchased a license of Win2PDF before October 2009 and have a 16-digit number license code, you can upgrade to Win2PDF 3.5 for free.  The Win2PDF 3.5 download is available at:




To upgrade to Win2PDF 7, there is a one-time upgrade fee. Win2PDF 7 fully supports the Windows 7, and it includes additional file save formats, including PDF/A, TIFF, and Microsoft's XPS file formats. For more information on Win2PDF 7, please visit the Win2PDF 7 product page.