How to Reorder/Rearrange pages in PDF file

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Because Win2PDF installs as printer, it does not have a native editing program.  However, you can use the printing capability with a PDF Reader application to reorder or rearrange pages in a PDF file.  Here is the general procedure to use:


1). Open the original PDF file in Adobe Reader, or in another PDF Reader application


2). Select 'Print' and choose a range of pages and Win2PDF as the printer




3).  Save the results of this subset of pages as a new PDF file (e.g., "newfile.pdf")


4).  Repeat step 2) to print a different page or range of pages (note:  You can even use a different PDF file)


5).  Save the results of the new subset of page(s) and select the same file name (e.g., "newfile.pdf")


6).  When prompted, you can either append (add to the end) or prepend (add to the beginning) to merge your new pages with the first set of pages you printed.


Using this technique, you can effectively reorder or rearrange the pages of an existing PDF file and save the results to a new PDF file.