Installing Win2PDF Terminal Server Edition and Win2PDF Pro Terminal Server Edition

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To ensure that Win2PDF is installed for multi session use, the Win2PDF install program should be run from the control panel "Add/Remove Programs".  Log in as an administrator and open "Add/Remove Programs", and select on the "Add New Programs" icon, and click on the "CD or floppy" button.


The Add New Programs wizard will ask you to insert the installation floppy or CD.  You can ignore this step and click "Next".  On the next dialog, click the "Browse" button and select the Win2PDF install program.  After the Win2PDF install has completed, click "Finish" to close the Add New Programs wizard.  Once Win2PDF is installed, it will be available to all local users and all terminal server users.


If you are evaluating Win2PDF, you can start creating PDF documents immediately.  The evaluation version is fully functional, but every PDF document will have an extra trailer page with Win2PDF product information.


If you have purchased Win2PDF, you can enter your registration code by following the instructions in "Entering the Win2PDF license code".